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Slow Chin-Ups Versus Quick Chin-Ups 

There seems to be a rebirth with the popularity of the simple chin up. This exercise is a great overall exercise, and it is exceptionally great for upper body strength as well. One way to make this exercise even more effective to the very the speed of your chin ups. By alternating between slow chin-ups and quick chin-ups you can build muscle even faster. 

Slow Chin-Ups 

Slow chin-ups are done with strict form, and allow for no cheating at all. These are great for building the overall size of the muscle and strength. 

When doing slow chin-ups you should make sure you pause at the top and bottom of each repetition. Doing this prevents you from using any momentum to assist the muscle. 

Quick Chin-Ups 

Quick chin-ups can be done to better build the endurance of your muscles. When you do quick chin-ups it is very easy to cheat and use momentum to increase the number of repetitions that you can do. 

When you’re doing quick chin-ups you should try and still maintain strict form as much as possible. Remember that the more momentum that you use, the less actual work your muscles will do. 


As you can see just by varying the speed of your chin ups you can get a totally different workout. Even though this is a very supple exercise, it can bring you dramatic results. So the next time you hear it of someone who’d doesn’t want to do chin-ups remind them of how powerful this simple exercise is. 


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